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Dear instructor,
we are sorry to inform you that we have TEMPORARILY CLOSED the single-sign-on service at iPortal due to issues with the technical implementation of SSO on NetSpace. At the moment, we are not supporting creation of new accounts.
We apologize for any inconvinience this may cause and we will come back with the solution as soon as possible. In the mean time, existing users can login with a local iPortal username (same as your username on NetSpace) and iPortal password (different from your NetSpace password). For assistance or feedback, please contact us at


If you are already an existing user of iPortal and you want to use the communication environment,
please use the reset password dialog to create your local iPortal password.
Once you create/reset the iPortal password, you will be able to access the portal with the local username and password.

Thank you for understanding.
iPortal development team

Welcome to iPortal - Cisco Networking Academy instructor community site.

We have created this portal "Because we are more powerful together, than we ever could be apart!".

We have created the new communication and collaboration platform which will later on replace iPortal solution. Upgrade to new environment will be communicated near the end of Y2013.

Partner Collaboration Website is here to support ASCs and ITCs in their operations as well as to support communication within the instructor community.

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